Membership Meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center or as mentioned in the calendar below. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members alike.
Call (401) 769-0369 for meeting information.


Event Calendar for 2018

January 27, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Speaker: Judy Gould
What is blue, beautiful and fragrantly irresistible? The answer is Zygopetalum orchids. Join us as we look at the 15 species and numerous hybrids of these blue beauties and see why they are a good choice for beginners.

February 24, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Orchid Resuscitation and Bud Blasting
Speaker: Holly Read
Everyone wants to rescue and improve failing plants. RIOS members share their most successful tips for success.

March 31, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Pest and Disease Control – Best Practices
Speaker: Holly Read
Do you have foolproof methods of keeping insects and diseases at bay? Most everyone is on the lookout for different or newer technique

April 28, 2018     11:00 am new time    RWP Botanical Center
“Orchids in Water Culture: Are You Kidding?
Speaker: Judy Gould
Judy Gould shares slides and plants that have been growing in water culture for a few months. Has this experiment had merit and beneficial for both robust and failing specimens.

May 26, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Reading the Leaves
Speaker: Judy Gould
A lot can be determined by looking at the leaves of a plant. Join us as we look at various plant structures and diagnosing the plant’s cultural needs.

June 30, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Plant Sale – Some Unusual Orchids
If you are yearning to increase your orchid collection with something new and possibly young and not yet bloomed, bring in your wallet and be prepared to adopt a potential treasure. (Members only can purchase plants – but new members are welcome).

July 28, 2018     11:00 am     Meet at RWP Botanical Center
Tour of Frank Meglio’s Tropical Gardens
Speaker: Frank Meglio
Meet at the BC at 11:00 and caravan to Frank’s home. Frank will provide his professional opinion on some common beliefs about orchid culture.

August 25, 2018     11:00 am  RWP Botanical Center  
Growing Orchids in Limited Space
Speaker: Frank Meglio
Everyone laments a lack of growing space, but how can you squeeze plants into a typical New England home and garden? Join us as we explore some successful growing environments.

September 93, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
RIOS 18th Anniversary Celebration
Bring Something to Give Away Day

Today is a plant exchange (orchids or other plants) so bring in something interesting to share and take home a fellow member’s treasure.
Join the members of the RI Orchid Society to celebrate their 18th anniversary.
1. Please bring your favorite plant to show. It can be the actual plant or a photo of the plant.
2. Bring cuttings or starts of propagated plants to give away.
3. And bring your stories for the “show and tell” meeting of all time.

October 27, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Some Not So Common Orchids
Speaker: Fran Ingersoll
Join us as we look as some orchids that we may have overlooked but still fill the requirement for easy to moderate culture requirements.

November 24, 2018     11:00 am     RWP Botanical Center
Revisiting Our Favorite Miniature Orchids
Speaker: Judy Gould
Orchids that resemble vampires and monkeys – always fun to see. Join us as we highlight some miniatures that you may want to collect.

December 8, 2018     12:00 noon     TBA
Annual Holiday Party and Yankee Gift Swap
Join us for out annual party and Yankee Swap.