Membership Meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center or as mentioned in the calendar below.
Call (401) 769-0369 for meeting information.


Event Calendar for 2015

Please watch this web site for rescheduling!

Re-visiting Terrariums
January 24, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Note: held on the  4th (not the last Saturday of the month)
Are orchids and other plants suitable for culture in a terrarium and what would the advantages be, if any?

Orchids of Papua New Guinea 
February 28, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Native orchids of PNG including the only known night-flowering orchid on earth.

Stanhopeas – The ‘Upside Down” Orchids
March 28, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Yes, Stanhopea flowers do grow downward through the roots & yes, you do need to treat them differently than other orchids

Recovery in the Orchid Intensive Care 
April 25, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Few enthusiasts can resist the urge to bring back an orchid from near death. Get helpful information from those who are often successful.

Location, Location, Location  
May 30, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Where to situate your orchids so that they get the best light exposure?”.  Learn how to provide sufficient light conditions whether it be from natural or artificial sources.

Phalaenopsis Gigantea and Other Eye-Popping Orchids
June 27, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
View photos of P. gigantea and other orchids that we could never grow tired of seeing.

Frank’s Wonderful World of Plants
July 25 2015     10:30 am     Meet at RWP Botanical Center
Frank Meglio is widely known for his collections of tropical plants.  Members are invited to tour his gardens complete with orchids, palms, bananas, koi ponds, bogs and more.

Open House at the Salzillo’s
August 15, 2015    10:30 am     Meet at RWP Botanical Center   Tentative date
Members are invited to a tour of the perennial gardens and summer home for the orchids of Carol and Dick Salzillo. Bring your gardening questions, they are true plant gurus.

Landscaping with Hardy Orchids
August 29, 2015    10:30 am     Meet at RWP Botanical Center
Join us as we begin our journey to grow orchids, trilliums and Jack-in-the Pulpits in our gardens.

RIOS Anniversary Celebration
September 26, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Join the members of the RI Orchid Society celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Orchid Equipment, Potions and Gadgets
October 31, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
What tricks do orchid enthusiasts have that they use and rely upon to produce robust, blooming orchid plants.


Pest Control for Orchid Plants
November 28, 2015     10:30 am     RWP Botanical Center
Learn the most effective and safest options available for keeping pests at bay on your orchid plants.

Annual Holiday Party and Yankee Gift Swap
December 12, 2015     12:30 pm     TBA
Join us for out annual party and Yankee Swap.